cyle talley

I Am My Own Man… Mostly

I know that I am slowly becoming my dad due to the following:
-I prefer burnt eatables of all manner: toast, cookies, etc.
-Black coffee = good time
(I can also drive with a lidless cup of the stuff on the dashboard and NOT spill any.)
-I listen to sports talk radio regularly
-Outside of work, I rarely concern myself with
whether or not what I am wearing matches
-I answer the telephone, “Hello, this is Cyle.”
-Paul Harvey is a gentleman and a scholar
-I enjoy conversations regarding economics & money as a concept,
rather than as currency
-Anything younger or smaller than me is referred to as a “punk”
-I read the newspaper for more than the comics page
(though “Dilbert” is usually pretty good…)
-“Knucklehead” is a legitimate insult
-Hummus is suddenly really, really tasty and Seinfeld is really, really funny

I know that I am undoubtedly still my own man due to the following:
-I still don’t like Jimmy Buffett


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