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New Song Demo, “The Likes Of You”

While I didn’t write this song for the “Song-A-Week” Workshop (which has gone on hiatus), the writing of this song centered around a single goal: to write a song in which the chorus comes around BEFORE the :30 mark. Unfortunately, I failed. It happens at :38.

Drat, blast, bollocks and balls.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how little privacy we allow ourselves nowadays. We post most everything (feeling, thought, desire, etc.) in some form (whether overtly or covertly) on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. This creates some problems in particular for those ending relationships. What can one post when one knows that their ex, significant other, etc. is (probably) reading those posts, seeing those pictures, etc?

The simple answer would be, “Well, delete them from your friends list, idiot.” Touche. But if I followed that advice, I wouldn’t have anything to write a song about, now would i?

Initially, this song had several allusions to Facebook and Twitter jargon, but I felt that those references dated the song too much and made it too… kitschy. So, out they went. The ones that remain are, I hope, subtle enough to be understood and laughed at now while also being benign enough to ignore later on (if indeed there IS a “later on” for it!).

Finally, because I know that I’ll get this question (as I’ve gotten it already), yes, this song HAS been written about the likes of someone, though its intent is not to be cruel or inditing. I’m simply wondering aloud where the line is. These things are, I’ll admit, a two way street. So, there you have it.

Recording was done, as ever (because I lack better resources at the moment) via the mic on my MacBook Pro and helped along by bits of compression and EQing which may or may not make it more enjoyable to listen to. I played my lovely, lovely Collings MT mandolin.

“The Likes Of You”
You broke it, it’s dead
Kindly remove yourself from my head
Clean out and clear away while I regroup

If you don’t want me, that’s fine
I’ve learned to smile and keep it all inside
Like a duck on the top of a lake, if you know what I mean

Because if I am honest, if I am true

I hate that you still follow most everything I do
Every word that I write, you’ll constantly peruse for meaning
Every song that I sing, you’ll soon be singing too
Hoping that every word is secretly about the likes of you

So dear, why this torture and why all this pain?
Why are we prolonging the inevitable with thinly veiled phrases?
You know, the South is filled with manners, civility and grace
Won’t you pay homage to your heritage and give me back my space

Because if I am honest, if I am true-
I’m hurt when you don’t talk about me almost as much as when you do

Oh sweet darling, you’ve been accused
and like it or not, your comments perpetuate your ruse
Oh sweet darling, you’ve been accused
and I’ll be damned if I’m not guilty of it too!

Because I hate that I still follow most everything you do
Every word and every picture I constantly peruse for meaning
I have tried to give you up now a thousand times plus three
Still I’m hoping every word is secretly about the likes of me


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